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Email Delivery
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list management
Email list management can be a headache if you go it alone, but not with allWEBeMAIL. We make it easy for you to grow and manage your list - whether it's large, small, or non-existent. You get peace of mind, plus more time to focus on what's important to your business or organization.
Email List Building:
allWEBeMAIL has tools to build your email list. With a Join My List sign-up box for your website (a customizable sign-up form) and a Forward-to-a-Friend option you can grow your email list in no time with little effort.
Importing Email Lists:
Submit your client/subscriber list in any format, from a contact manager, word processor or spreadsheet file. We'll process and convert it, then load it and store it on our server.
Email List Maintenance:
We automatically handle all the list maintenance such as unsubscribes & bounces. Plus add any new subscribers from their various sources of list building techniques.
inbox deliveries
High inbox delivery rates and high open rates result from advanced design and coding techniques, strict standards compliance and reputation. (Audited)
Here's why we can consistently, and confidently delivery your emails to your audience's inboxes:
  • Our email designs are not just appealing but structured to be visible in email client preview windows. Furthermore, they are Design Coded to show as much content as possible and recognizable under current email image blocking protocols.
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  • Email designs and coding are Campaign Previewed* to verify 1) Preview visibility 2) Email Client Compatibility 3) Blocked Image visibility 4) Spam filter triggering and compliance, and 5) Link Integrity.
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  • It takes more than a pretty email to get delivered to the Inbox. Our systems must also be authorized to send email on your behalf. All of your emails are delivered using all of the available authentication standards, namely SenderID, DomainKeys and SPF. This tells AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and the rest of the Big Guys that we are legitimate and not sending unauthorized SPAM.
  • We build and foster relationships with major Internet Service Providers, so if an issue does arise, we work with them to resolve the problem quickly.
  • allWEBeMail adheres to strict Anti-Spam policies and practices which enhances our reputation and ability to consistently deliver emails. Our commitment ultimately assists in transforming the industry to respectability and guaranteeing this media remains a viable solution to business needs.
Alternating between Prospect and Retention style emails is a good way to appeal to all your audience members.
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