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full service
email campaigns...
unbelievable & affordable prices!
delivery fees
$0.0025 per email*
(That's 25¢ for 100 emails!)
  • Open, & click-through tracking
  • Bounce stats
  • Automatic bounce processing
  • Automatic FBL (Feed Back Loop) processing
  • Unsubscribe stats
  • Forwarding stats
  • List maintenance & hosting
  • Unlimited database & image storage
  • ISP throttling (Speed optimized per ISP)
  • Free support
* All quantities, $15 minimum fee
$49 per campaign
  • List & email prep. & scheduling
  • Spam filter assessment
  • Content assessment
  • Email rendering assessment
  • Private virtual mail server
  • Ongoing reputation monitor
  • Blacklist alert
  • Mailbox monitor (results for top 23 ISPs)
  • Unlimited custom fields
    (ie. name, sex, preference)
  • SenderID, SPF & DomainKeys Authentication
  • Email throttling (delivery speed)
design fees
email graphic & html design*
* Re-usable Custom Corporate Branded Template require 3 - 5 hrs.
* Individual Campaign Ads/Newsletters Content require 1 - 3 hrs.
$95 $75 per hour
View Sample Designs...
options fees
SQL Database work and mailing list maintenance
(Many tasks are already automated in the allWEBeMAIL system.)
Examples: Additional work might include converting data into a format that can be used by the allWEBeMAIL system or exporting data to be used in external systems.
$95 per hour
Custom Programming
Examples: Adding new customer functionality to the allWEBeMAIL system.
$150 per hour
Alternating between Prospect and Retention style emails is a good way to appeal to all your audience members.
BBBOnline Reliability Program
S.A.M.E. (Support Adoption of Metrics for Email) Project
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